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Zip Screens

Enhance your pergola with zip screens, which provide wind protection, ensuring a comfortable and serene outdoor experience even on breezy days.



Transform your outdoor living space with the versatility and style of zip screens for pergolas. These innovative screens provide excellent protection against wind, rain, and UV rays, allowing you to enjoy your pergola year-round while maintaining a comfortable environment. With sleek designs and easy operation, zip screens not only add privacy but also seamlessly blend with any decor, transforming your pergola into a perfect retreat for relaxation and entertainment.

Zip 130

The vertically moving Zip 130 system is used for protecting large, open spaces such as terraces, porches and gazebos against direct sunlight, wind and insects. Due to relatively small cassette size, the closed off area can reach up to 25 m2. The system is controlled with electric mechanisms and automation: Somfy, Gaviota.

Standard set includes: automatic control adaptation, mechanism without control, white structure (9016), category II fabric (PVC SOLTIS 96/92 Sunworker, Sunvision, Screen Out).

Optional: electric control mechanism with remote control, automation based on direct sunlight and wind, fabric of another category.


Continuous Coverage

Transparent PVC inserts "Cristal" of recommended size

Optional: the insert can be made of transparent PVC "Cristal"

Fabric Options

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