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Elevate your outdoor living experience to new heights with our revolutionary Bioclimatic Pergola. Designed to seamlessly blend elegance, functionality, and environmental sustainability, this innovative addition to your patio or garden will transform your space into a sanctuary of comfort and style.


Our Bioclimatic Pergola boasts an ingenious system of adjustable louvers that allow you to effortlessly control the amount of sunlight, shade, and ventilation. With a simple touch of a button, you can adapt to changing weather conditions or create the ideal ambiance for any occasion.

Installation Options


Free Standing Pergola

A free-standing pergola is an elegant and versatile outdoor structure that adds both beauty and functionality to any landscape. Designed with an open framework, this freestanding oasis provides a delightful balance of shade and sunlight, making it an ideal spot to relax and enjoy the outdoors.


Wall Mounted Pergola

A wall-mounted pergola is a stylish and space-efficient outdoor structure that offers a seamless blend of form and function to any living space. Attached securely to an existing wall or structure, this pergola design maximizes available space, making it a perfect addition to smaller yards, patios, or even balconies.


Integrated Pergola

An integrated pergola is a brilliant outdoor concept that seamlessly harmonizes with the design of a building or structure, enhancing its aesthetics and functionality. This unique pergola style is skilfully incorporated into the existing architecture, creating a cohesive and unified outdoor space.

Vertical Integrated Systems


Sliding Glass System

Sliding glass systems for pergolas are a remarkable innovation that takes outdoor living to a whole new level. These sophisticated systems feature large glass panels that effortlessly slide along tracks, providing unparalleled flexibility and adaptability to the pergola space. With a simple push, the glass panels can be smoothly opened, creating a seamless transition between the interior and exterior living areas.

Guillotine Glass System

Guillotine glass systems, represent a cutting-edge solution for enhancing the functionality and versatility of pergolas. Designed to seamlessly integrate into the pergola framework, these innovative systems feature vertically sliding glass panels that effortlessly glide up and down, allowing for customizable control over the pergola's environment.


Zip Screen Systems

Zip screens for pergolas offer a seamless and modern solution for transforming outdoor spaces into comfortable and protected retreats. These innovative screens feature a zipper-like mechanism that allows them to glide smoothly along tracks, effortlessly enclosing the pergola and creating a cosy and private environment. Zip screens are highly versatile, providing ample protection against insects, UV rays, wind, and rain, allowing individuals to enjoy their pergola all year round. 



Smart Sensors

Our Pergola Automation system is equipped with state-of-the-art sensors that intelligently respond to the elements. These advanced sensors allow your pergola to autonomously adjust its settings, providing you with a worry-free experience. No matter the weather, you can relax and enjoy your outdoor haven, knowing that the pergola is working to keep you comfortable.


When the wind picks up, our smart Wind Sensor springs into action. It detects the slightest gusts and automatically adjusts the pergola's louvers or retractable roof to provide a safe and stable environment. Say goodbye to flapping fabric or rattling louvers – our Wind Sensor ensures your pergola remains secure, no matter how blustery it gets.


Our Rain Sensor is designed to keep you dry and protected during unexpected showers. As soon as raindrops are detected, the pergola's retractable roof will close, providing instant shelter. Never again will you have to rush inside to avoid getting wet – our Rain Sensor has you covered.


Enjoy the perfect balance of sunlight and shade with our Sun Sensor. This intelligent sensor monitors the intensity of the sun's rays and automatically adjusts the pergola's louvers or roof to optimize your comfort. Bask in the warm glow of the sun during pleasant weather, and stay cool and shaded on scorching days – our Sun Sensor ensures you're always at your most comfortable.

Colours & Coating

Pergola structures come in a variety of colours to suit different preferences and architectural styles. Common colour options include Anthracite, Brown, and White.

Moreover, for those seeking a more personalized touch, custom colour options are available using the RAL colour system. This system provides an extensive range of colours that can be ordered to suit specific design preferences and match existing architectural elements.

Regarding coating, pergola structures typically offer two primary options: standard coating and structured coating. Standard coating is a traditional finishing method, providing a smooth and even layer of colour on the pergola surface. On the other hand, structured coating, also known as textured coating, adds depth and dimension to the colour, giving the structure a more tactile and visually interesting appearance.

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