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Greenhouses and Orangeries

Welcome to a world of flourishing possibilities with our premium greenhouses and orangeries. Crafted with precision and passion, our structures offer the perfect environment for cultivating your botanical dreams. From nurturing delicate flowers to harvesting homegrown produce, our greenhouses provide the ideal balance of light, warmth, and ventilation for optimal growth. Meanwhile, our orangeries invite you to indulge in year-round elegance, seamlessly blending indoor comfort with the beauty of nature. Whether you're a seasoned gardener or an aspiring horticulturist, our greenhouses and orangeries empower you to cultivate your green oasis and savor the joys of cultivation in style. Discover the art of botanical living with our exquisite range of structures today.

Greenhouse and Orangery 

Popular Accessories

UNIVENT - is an automated window opener, ensures that indoor space is protected from excessive heat and unwanted cold. The operation of UNIVENT is initiated as the temperature within the greenhouse or orangery rises, prompting window opening, and gradually ceases as the temperature subsides, resulting in window closure.

Support Bars - Most plants that grow in greenhouses or orangeries require a stable and functional support structure to fully sprout and produce an abundant amount of leaves and fruits. Also, many owners need a convenient method of attaching laps, decorations or hanging pots.

L-Shaped Hooks - help to clasp and reinforce plants, cords and decorations. Set of 5 hooks.

Roof Ridge Cresting - Complement the design of the selected greenhouse with an elegant roof decoration. In the past, greenhouse roof decorations were designed to protect the roof ridges from birds. Now it is a more decorative accent of the structure, which gives the structure features of completeness and sophistication.

Greenhouse Shelf D20cm - Our sturdy 20cm wide aluminium selves are highly convenient for accommodating pots of herbs, flowering plants, and various other smaller plant varieties. We recommend considering the purchase of one or more shelves. You also have the option to match the shelf colour with that of your greenhouse.

Greenhouse Shelf D40cm - This 40cm extensive aluminium shelf is both a very practical and contemporary addition to any greenhouse. It is not only a useable bench for your plants to sit on - it can also accommodate larger seedbeds, heavier plant pots and other various plant care supplies.

Wooden Planter - There are 9 unique zones which will be able to contain most smaller plants such as carrots, beetroots, peas, spices, strawberries and celery. Following the removal of the upper wooden strips, you can grow a further one or more additional plants that you prefer.

Potting Bench - Have you ever thought where you may be able to store your planting greenhouse items such as fertilizer, scissors, gloves, markers and string? Where can you stand your pots when planting or transplanting seedlings, this Hortica potting bench will greatly assist in organizing your personal items and perform small everyday tasks.

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